About Us

Invite us into your home and we'll turn it into a masterpiece.


Black Walnut Kitchen and Bath is a kitchen and bathroom renovation company located in Ottawa, ON. We provide custom in-house designs that are crafted with the help of our clients (every step of the way) and we build them with quality materials that last. Everything is handled by our expert teams, utilizing over ten years in the industry and dedicating ourselves to something we hold sacred. We believe in our work so much that we have a 5-year warranty.
What we do

We Bring A Lot

To The Table

Mobility With Dignity

There's nothing wrong with being prepared. We help our clients get ready for the long haul with sturdy but stylish materials to keep them going.

In-House Design

All of our designs are created in-house by designers who utilize over ten years of kitchen and bath construction experience and combine expert knowledge with client desires.

Customized IKEA Cabinetry

We craft custom cabinetry, creating a personalized look and feel in every kitchen and bathroom renovation. For smaller budgets, we are able to create semi-custom IKEA cabinetry that still feels as personal and unique as the completely custom cabinets.

Renovation On The Move

Don't worry, we love the exercise! Our team will bring everything for your renovation, including samples and designs. We also take care of all the shopping, all the measuring, and all the heavy lifting. Watch your shows while we do what we love.

Complete Renovations

We're no slouches. We gut and redo every aspect of your remodel, including things like plumbing and floors.

Ottawa To The Third Power

Black Walnut Kitchen and Bath is a small business born, bred, and based in Ottawa, ON.

Our Mission

Customer service, quality, and constant communication set us apart from the usual run-of-the-mill kitchen renovation or bathroom renovation companies. There's an art to renovation and we make sure our team is skilled in it, inspired by it, and determined to achieve it. Part of what makes our process unique is our ability to handle every aspect of your remodel, from shopping to helping you come up with a sturdy budget, to bringing samples straight to your home. You won't have to track down an item or run to the store for paint swatches while we're on the job.

Our Mobility With Dignity bathroom renovation options creates a mindset of preparation – we want to make sure you’re comfortable as you grow older.

At the end of the day, we’re a little piece of Ottawa that wants to make a huge difference.