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Accessible Bathroom Renovation Ottawa, ACCESSIBLE BATHROOMS


We all want to live in our homes for as long as we possibly can. Sometimes we are forced out of our homes because the current design does not meet our immediate or future needs. However, being forced to move is not the only solution to meet the needs of the homeowner. With a bit of thoughtful planning, good design and expert construction Black Walnut Kitchens and Bath Inc. can modify the space to create a safe, useable bathroom you can enjoy for many years to come. We call this Mobility with Dignity.

Our Mobility with Dignity accessible bathrooms in Ottawa have features that belong in any bathroom, but alsoutilize assistive devices like grab bars that have a stylish flare to them. Similarly, shower seats and benches can be designed so that they would not look out of place in any 5-star hotel. Finally, things have to be easy to reach, slip and fall resistant, and above all, look great!

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