If you were raised in a small bathroom, you would surely agree that the most important feature of any bathroom vanity has always been storage. A bathroom without proper storage will have an overall untidy effect on your style. To use your toiletries and bathing supplies more efficiently and comfortably, you should add some extra storage to your bathroom. You should never handle your bathroom storage poorly by having a single oversized cabinet. That won’t be helpful for you. Instead, you should be creative with your bathroom space. Here are some ideas to add storage to your bathroom.

Using Racks to Add Storage Space

  • Choose The Right Option

    Extra rack storage will serve you well if you have free wall space to the side of your bathroom mirror or above the toilet. You can have this rack at any other similar location in your bathroom as well. You can easily measure the available space by using a tape measure. It will help you to know the size of the shelf your bathroom can accommodate. These racks usually have narrow designs and raised edges to keep things from falling. Hence, they prove helpful for holding toiletries and bottles. You can also use these racks for storing makeup and other cosmetics.
  • Racks To Serve

    Your bathroom can be big enough to have few shelves, or you may only be able to have a single stand. For both cases, You need to get these racks from the market. You can easily find these spice racks at big-box retailers, furniture stores, and hardware stores. You should carefully check the dimensions of potential shelves so that you can easily fit them in your available spice rack space.
  • Measurements

    To use your racks quickly and conveniently, you should avoid hanging them too high or too low. To mark over the placement of your shelf or shelves on your bathroom wall, you can use pencils and tape measures. While taking dimensions, you need to measure two marks to the same height, one for the right end of your rack and the other for the left. It would help if you had the exact distance between your marks and the holes that attach the frame to your wall. It would be best if you tried hanging your racks away from an electrical outlet or light switch. If you hang it too close to them, You may accidentally drill through some wiring in the wall.
  • Installations

    Depending upon the choice of your rack, your method of installment will vary. Usually, you may have to attach some hardware to your wall with a drill to support the shelf or shelves. This hardware may be a simple holding bracket. You may need to screw your frame directly into the wall with a drill in some other cases. You may find some difficulties while Hanging the rack on your own. You should take help from a helper while installing your shelf or shelves.
  • Ready To Use

    After installing the rack, you should check that your shelf or shelves are levels with the help of the carpenter’s level. Otherwise, all your toiletries will slant towards one end of the rack or the other. If your frame isn’t level, you can easily remove it from its hardware or even from the wall. You can reinstall the shelf after making slight adjustments. Don’t forget to re-check its levelness before reinitialization.

Optimizing Your Bathroom’s Storage

  • You can easily use the back of your bathroom door to install extra towel racks. Also, you can attach hooks to the back of your door for hanging towels or robes.
  • You can also get organizers with adhesive backing from the market. Stick these to the back of your cabinets to increase the storage space of your bathroom. You may find these organizers very helpful for holding many things—for example, lipstick, cotton swabs, lotions, eyebrow pencils, toothbrushes, and more.
  • Items pushed into the back of the bathroom cabinets can be easily lost or even forgotten. It will lead to the underutilization of that space. To avoid this, you can have lazy susan in your cabinets. It is a tray that rotates on a base. You can also easily spin the tray for the items that are in the back of your cabinets.
  • You can also upgrade your sink storage. There are many options for premade cabinets at the hardware and furniture stores. It will wrap around your sink and will quickly increase your storage space. If this option is a little outside your price range, you can get a decorative curtain instead of a cabinet. You can install it around suitable sinks and utilize the storage space underneath for storing bathroom items there.
  • You can have some jars or canisters on the countertop. These will help you to store cosmetics and toiletries.

Some tips To Add Extra Storage To A Small Bathroom.

  • A Storage ladder can serve very well for adding extra storage and charm to your bathroom. You can hang baskets and towels on your ladder. It will also help you to stay organized.
  • You can use baskets to increase the space. Baskets are very efficient and are affordable as well. You can also place them along with the bins underneath your sink to increase the storage space.
  • Hang a coat rack in your tiny bathroom. You can use it to hang robes and wet towels instead of towel rods. Moreover, try to get a coat rack with five or six holes. It will make your small bathroom less stuffy and more appealing.
  • For increasing the storage space, you should put a shelf above the door. You can store toiletries, towels, and even extra toilet paper rolls there. You can also display decor there. It will make your bathroom look even more stylish and unique.


Bathrooms are usually one of the smallest rooms of your house. Hence, you need to manage its storage carefully. Moreover, you should consider bathroom storage in your bathroom design process. It will also help avoid cluttering bathroom surfaces with toiletries, spare loo rolls, and fresh towels.