A blockage in a sink is something that all of us hate. There are several common causes of sink blockages. If you cannot maintain your sink or do not do it properly frequently, you will also face sink blockage problems more often. Continue reading and learn about how to fix sink blockage and its reasons.

Most Common Reasons Of Sink Blockages

There are more than you might think when you want to know about the common causes of sink problems. Some of the common reasons are as below:
  • Hair

    Human hair and animal fur are the most common reasons behind sink blockage. Moreover, hair or fur can knot up, making it easy to combine with other substances. It causes a very stubborn sink blockage.
  • Soap

    You should know that soap residue can accumulate over time. It usually happens in the bathroom sinks. Therefore, it decreases the space of your sink pipes, causing a complete blockage or slow drainage.
  • Dirt

    The greatest misconception that many people have is that they can drain away all the dirt down their sink as much as they like. It can build up and produce when you deplete dirt through the sink. Moreover, the dirt present in the piping of your sink can combine with grease, soap, or hair, which creates a blockage.
  • Fat, Grease, And Oil

    Fat, grease, and oil are three substances that can cause severe problems for sinks. Furthermore, oil and grease can freeze in the pipes, resulting in hard blockages, and it is a little challenging to deal with them.
  • Food Waste

    Sink blockage due to food waste is generally present in the kitchen sink. Food wastes can create clogs which affect the draining system of the sink. Also, if you have a sink with the garbage disposal, food waste can still cause blockages in the pipes. Therefore, you need to be careful with the food waste to avoid sink blockage in the kitchen. Moreover, tea leaves and coffee grounds present down the sink can become a severe problem as they don’t break down quickly.

How To Remove A Sink Blockage With A Plunger?

The step-by-step instruction is as below for removing the sink blockage with the help of a plunger:
  • Drain Remaining Water Present In The Sink

    The first step is to remove things like food fragments, hair, and standing water. To remove sink blockage, you need to have a relatively water-free sink. Therefore, scoop the water out using a pair of rubber gloves, a cup, and a bucket.
  • Clear Residue From The Plughole

    After removing the water, you also need to work on the plug. You have to unscrew the plug and clean it thoroughly. If you can remove soap, scums, and debris, remove as much as you can. The soap scum and debris can be the reason behind your sink blockage. When you remove all blockage elements, run the water through taps to see if it drains away nicely or not.
  • Secure The Overflow

    It would be best to take an old towel or dishcloth to cover the overflow. You can also make sure that seal is tight by covering it with strong tape.
  • Use The Plunger

    If you cannot solve blockage by removing debris by hand, you need to use a plunger. You have to keep the bottom of your plunger on the plughole. Now, fill up your sink with almost 5cm of lukewarm water. It will create a tight seal, and you can work effectively. Now firmly pump your plunger up and down. It will create a suction that will help remove the water and other solids present in the pipe.Hopefully, using a plunger will solve your problem. You can also use this method for resolving any sink blockage like a kitchen, bathroom sink, or a clogged bathtub drain.

How To Unblock A Sink Blockage Without A Plunger?

There are different methods of unblocking a clogged sink without using a plunger. You can use a Bicarbonate of Soda, Soda Crystals, and also Alka-Seltzer to unblock the sink.Here is the step-by-step instruction for the removal of blockage by using Bicarbonate of Soda:
  • Drain Boiling Or Almost Boiling Water Through The Drain

    First, you need to take some almost boiling water and pour it directly down the drain. It will help you to dissolve any organic matter present in the pipelines.
  • Use A Cup Of Baking Soda

    Pour precisely one cup of baking soda into the plughole. Also, if you want to, you can take a small funnel and use it while pouring to be sure that it gets right down. Keep the soda there for a few minutes.
  • Pour A Cup Of Vinegar

    After waiting for five minutes, it is time to pour one cup of white vinegar on the plughole. Again, you have to wait until you see the fizzles and sizzles on the plug.
  • Flush With Almost Boiling Water

    Please wait for the baking soda and vinegar to do their magic work for about five to ten minutes. After ten minutes, take the boiling water and drain it down the sink. It would be best if you used bicarbonate of soda for regular maintenance. Moreover, it is an excellent method of preventing a severe blockage issue. Also, this method is helpful when you need to remove the blockage of your toilet.

How To Use Soda Crystals For Sink Blockage?

Soda crystals act as a magic cleaner and can do wonders when you have a sink blockage. You need first to start pouring boiling water down the sink. After that, pour one mug of soda crystals followed by one mug of hot water. Now, you need to wait for almost five minutes. Start running another cup of boiling water. It will also help in thoroughly flushing and cleaning the drain. However, you may have to repeat the whole process for a few times, depending on the clog.

How To Unclog The Drain With Alka-Seltzer?

To use Alka-Seltzer for unblocking the bathroom sink, you have to pop a couple of Alka-Seltzer tablets directly into the plughole. After popping, you also need to wash it down with a cup of vinegar. Wait for a few minutes, and after five minutes, pour some boiling water.


A bathroom or kitchen sink blockage is something we all dread. Also, it gives weird smells, strange gurgling sounds, or slow draining water. However, all the indications are how your sinks tell you that you need to take care of the clog. Hopefully, with this article, now you know how to unblock a sink blockage. Also, you can use different methods for sink blockage before reaching outside for help.