The kitchen is a place where you can gather with your family and friends to have delicious meals. The cabinets are the heart of every kitchen. You should carefully choose the right decor for your cabinets as they are the most visible feature of the kitchen.

Pros of Light Cabinets

  • If you want a simple kitchen with a casual feel, then lighter cabinets are the best option for you. Light cabinets prove very lovely for brightening up the space of your kitchen.
  • Lighter cabinets are versatile. If you want to add dark colors to your kitchen, lighter cabinets will give them a nice contrast. It will highlight your artworks, special appliances, or hardware.
  • A lot of people consider lighter cabinets over darker ones for their kitchen. So, because of their more significant demand in the market, a large variety of lighter cabinets are manufactured. If you settle on a lighter shade, you will have a lot more options to choose from.
  • Most of the house buyers get attracted to white kitchens. Whenever you want to resell your home, a white kitchen will help you raise the resale value.

Cons of Light Cabinets

  • Pairing your light cabinets with other light colors of your walls or counters can get a little tricky.
  • You may also find the all-white look of your kitchen too sterile.

Pros of Dark Cabinets

  • Installation of dark kitchen cabinets requires more skill. However, if the work is done correctly, these cabinets will give your kitchen a distinct, individual, and ultra welcoming look.
  • Darker cabinets are easy to work with. They can easily hide the cooking stains. Dark kitchens are considered to be warmer and friendlier.

Cons of Dark Cabinets

  • If you want to resell your house in the future, you should know that Darker cabinets do not serve well for everyone. It can quickly lower your house’s resale value.
  • Darker cabinets tend to make your kitchen space look smaller, so you can’t rely on natural light as much.

Which Cabinet You Must Choose?

Trends come and go for modern kitchen designs, but choosing between dark and light cabinets comes down to personal preferences. There are few things that you should consider while selecting the color palette of your cabinetry. After all! It is one of the essential elements that will really make you feel good about the space. Here are some ways you should consider when you have to choose between light vs. dark kitchen cabinets.
  • Dark cabinets usually give the kitchen an edgier look. It will give your kitchen a more dramatic look. In comparison, light cabinets will give your space an airy and clean feel.
  • When you have a small space for your kitchen or the room has less access to natural light, you should go for the light cabinets. They provide a broader look for your kitchen.
  • For a large spaced kitchen that has great access to sunlight, consider dark cabinets. It will look good, and the dark kitchen cabinetry will shine in all its glory.
  • If one or two walls of your kitchen are exposed to bricks, then light cabinets will make a better contrast with them.
  • Lighter cabinets tend to tear apart more easily. You can also have stains on them quickly, especially when you choose white cabinets for your kitchen. If you don’t have an issue to deal with such issues only then, you should go for them.
  • Nowadays, Darker cabinets are preferred for luxurious houses. If you are thinking of giving your home a more formal look, you can choose dark cabinets.
  • You can add other colors as well in contrast with lighter cabinets in your kitchen. It will not create a visually overwhelming look but will give your space a pleasant outlook.
  • Combinations with dark color cabinets are hard to make. Other colors used as accents will pop a lot more and it will give your kitchen visually an overloaded look. However, you can also add one or two colors to create a contrast with your cabinets. It will give your kitchen a complete and unique look.
  • You can also make a combination of dark and light contrast according to your own choice. It will make your kitchen design more elegant and timeless.
  • Light cabinets are considered to provide a timeless look.
However, extremes like all-white, all-black, or all gray can grow tiresome after a few years. If you want to combine two shades- light and dark , you can mix those tones with some wood cabinetry. It will give your kitchen the look of lacquer. Combination with wood cabinetry is a choice that will never go out of style. It will add warmth to your kitchen. Its texture will give a nice look to your space. Also, White cabinetry with Cinnamon Walnut or Light Oak, or Elmwood will make a good combination. You can also get Smoked or Coal Oak or Coffee Elm for your grey cabinetry.

Key Considerations while Choosing between the Two

It would be great if you thought about the look you want to create. Cabinets cover most of the space of your kitchen. It will affect the mood of your kitchen. So it would be best if you were very careful while choosing the look for your cabinets. It should represent your personality. Once you have decided on your cabinet color, you can select a color for other areas of your kitchen. To choose between darker and lighter cabinets, you should consider the design of your kitchen. You can go for classic cabinet colors like creams and whites if you want to give your kitchen a traditional look. But, if you’re going to give your kitchen a modern look, you should go with bright colors.


The color of your cabinets transforms the look of the kitchen. It affects a wide variety of things like your house’s resale value, the mood, and the outlook of your kitchen as well. You should carefully choose the shade of your kitchen cabinets according to your choices and preferences.