Most people love to remodel their spaces, and the bathroom is one of the places that most people love to renovate more frequently. However, you should know those small bathroom renovations on the priciest side. But with this article, you will come up with various cost-effective solutions and some measures to save a lot of bucks.

Cost-Effective Solutions For Ottawa Bathroom Renovations

When you want to save your money on Ottawa bathroom renovations, here are some solutions for you:
  • Retaining Your Bathroom Size And Layout

    The first thing you must do to save money in Ottawa bathroom renovations is to know the size and layout of your bathroom exactly. It is essential when you are thinking about small bathroom renovations. You should know that if you plan to move the plumbing Pipe or rearrange positions of things like showers, it will be costly.Moreover, if you are on a budget, it is better to avoid rearranging the location inside the bathroom. You must only resize your bathroom or change the spot if it is a must or when you have no other option left.
  • A New Coat Of Paint For Small Bathroom Renovations

    When you are doing Ottawa bathroom renovations, a new and fresh coat of paint will be perfect for the new look. You should know that if you choose even the lowest cost tile, it will take a chunk out of your budget. Therefore, painting the walls is a great and simple way to save a lot of bucks. Moreover, you can select from thousands of shades. You can also get creative and contrast the tile backsplash and floor with a pop colour on the walls.

  • Select Subway Tile Over Mosaic Tile For The Backsplash

    When choosing tiles over paint for Ottawa bathroom renovations, you must select subway tiles. The tiny and gorgeous tiles will cost you approximately $100 per square foot to install. Also, if you choose more detailed and thorough work, it will cost you more. Therefore, to simplify things and make Ottawa bathroom renovations under budget, you must select subway tiles.A subway tile backsplash is gorgeous and has exciting colour and pattern choices to fit your budget. Also, installation won’t take all of your savings. The best part of choosing subway tiles for small bathroom renovations is that your bathroom will be modern and up to date in the budget.
  • Save On The Small Bathroom Renovations By Adding New Light

    When you add a skylight or window to brighten your bathroom, it is costly and may not fit your budget. Therefore, if you want an easy and efficient way to save your money on small bathroom renovations, you must choose to install electric lighting. You can get fantastic lighting solutions that will replicate natural light. Moreover, you should know that adding a single and gorgeous light fixture will completely change the look of your small bathroom.
  • Use Reclaimed Fixtures

    When planning small bathroom renovations, you must know storage is one of the most important things to consider. You get a variety of vanities, tubs, sinks, tile, and mirrors that you can install in your bathroom. It will look brand new at a fraction of the cost because they are cheap and easy to install.

Ottawa Bathroom Renovations Tips

You know how expensive it gets when you are doing Ottawa Bathroom Renovations. Therefore, here are a few tips that will help you to complete your small bathroom renovations within your budget:
  • Know Your Budget And Stick To It

    While doing Ottawa bathroom renovations, knowing how much you can genuinely spend is vital. Everyone has their dream bathrooms, but you must be honest with yourself and know how much money you can afford to devote to the toilet.Also, you must know that if you are not having a proper budget and remodel plan, Ottawa bathroom renovations can take all of your money. Therefore, it is crucial to plan and spend accordingly accurately.
  • Know Your Needs And Design Everything First

    You should know those small bathroom renovations are complex projects. It would help if you answered many questions before you started remodelling. For example, the purpose of a bathroom is- Guests bathrooms, half baths, master bathrooms. It is because different bathrooms serve different purposes. Therefore, it is essential to keep the purpose of the Ottawa bathroom renovations at the forefront of your mind.Furthermore, you need to know how many people will use the bathroom at a time. For example, if you have many members in your family, you need to plan accordingly. You may need double sinks, an open floor plan and lots of storage.Knowing what things and items you need to store in your bathroom is another thing you need to consider before Ottawa bathroom renovations. For example, if you only need a spot for towels and toilet paper, you don’t have to install extra drawers or shelves. However, if you have lots of toiletries, beauty tools, and band-aids, you must add drawers and shelves for organisation.
  • Carefully Pick Out The Materials Yourself

    If you hire a professional, you can quickly leave the entire Ottawa bathroom renovation process up to him. However, it is essential to buy big-ticket items on your own, for example, vanities, toilets, tubs, showers, and flooring. You must find out those elements that will fit your budget and are according to your liking.
  • Vanities

    The cost of vanities and cabinets varies a lot which is another thing that you need to consider. Therefore, you must take your time and find a quality vanity that will accurately fit your budget and is as per your choice.For example, you can buy the same shelve design but in a different wood or material that fits your budget. Also, it is better to select vanities that have doors and drawer fronts made of compact wood.


A bathroom is a perfect place in your house when you want to wash away all your troubles. It is a place that covers a small area of your home; however, it has a significant impact on your life. Therefore, you want to remodel it from time to time. But while Ottawa bathroom renovations, you must consider that the process will surely cost you more money than any other house room.Also, when you make last-minute changes after renovations, it will quickly increase the overall cost. Therefore, it is better to do more research and prepare before starting small bathroom renovations under a budget.